RS Digital’s newly structured blueprint for digital distribution is for dedicated content creators and catalog holders. It introduces a no-fee business model called Content-Driven-Distribution. This model is tailored for clients who can consistently produce content and/or acquire catalogs that are looking for a seamless delivery process to online digital shops, while retaining control of their content.

Our backend features include:

*Unlimited Releases,

 *Unlimited Labels,

*Separate Royalty Statement Generation,

*Analytics & Trend Reporting,

*Schedule your own release dates

*Schedule timed holiday releases,

*Pre-order release scheduling,

*Individual Shop & Country Delivery,

*Zero Upfront Fee,

*Zero Monthly Fee,

*Zero Annual Fee,

*Zero Per-Release Fee,

*YT Certified Video Monetization,

*We put you in the driver’s seat, so you control your content.

Plus, we offer *Human Support (we do email too).

Whether you’re a recording artist or a record company, large or small, if you can provide a steady stream of content every quarter, this could be the ideal platform for your artists, labels, or organization.

Most importantly, this blueprint is for clients who are not interested in paying any recurring fees or any upfront charges to distribute all of their content online worldwide.

We’re seeking entertainment professionals who can consistently deliver high-quality digital audio and video content that they own or control, that’s well-crafted, and professionally produced.

Our service enables you to distribute as much content as you can without any restrictions on the number of artists, the number of labels you can create and manage in our platform, and no “maximum” or “limitations” on the number of releases you can deliver. We can handle unlimited number of releases from anyone, anywhere, anytime! So, we encourage you to come onboard with us, and enjoy the freedom you’ll have to release product to the online shops like the major labels!

Best of all,

We bring together a team of professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in every facet of global digital distribution.

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