Considering trends in digital music distribution over the past years with companies charging monthly or annual fees to get your music online and keep it there, It was only a matter of time before a change would come. We see that change right around the corner and are here to greet it head-on! When Covid19 hit us globally, in addition to its devastating wrath that touched many of us, it also forced businesses to change and adapt their business model or close their doors forever.


With the initialization and requirement of a lockdown for everyone's safety, one advantage that came with the lockdown was it allowed many of us to come up with ideas, strategies, plans, businesses, and create without being distracted by what we used to know as "the normal" lifestyle. Rainysongs Entertainment is proud to introduce its re-structure of an ancient brick & mortar format and redesigning it to fit the new digital world. 


Our blueprint is for serious content creators and catalog holders alike. This blueprint encapsulates a new, no-fee business model is called Content-Driven Digital Distribution. It caters to new clients that onboard with us who have a supply and source of consistent content or catalog that they are looking to deliver to online shops seamlessly. Simultaneously remain in control with a plethora of backend management features. Whether your recording artists, record companies large and small alike, if you can deliver and content continuously every month, then this could be the perfect place and platform for your artist, label(s), and organization.


Most importantly, this blueprint is for new clients who onboard with us that are not looking to pay any recurring monthly or annual fees or a single dime to sign-up or any per release up-front charges to deliver all of their content online worldwide. 


We are looking for those entertainment professionals who can consistently deliver high-quality digital audio and video content that they own or control, that's well written, and professionally produced.


Our service empowers you to deliver as much content that you can with no ceiling caps on the number of artists, the number of labels you can create and manage, and no maximum limitations to the number of releases you can have. There's also no limit to how much content we can handle from anyone, anywhere and, we encourage you to release as much content as you possibly can!


Best of all,

you've got zero upfront costs, zero per release fees, zero monthly or annual fees.


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