RS Digital Distribution Insights

Rainysongs has been a beacon of empowerment for countless professionals in the entertainment industry, providing them with a Content Management System (CMS) that hands them the reins of their digital music distribution to online shops across the globe. With our cutting-edge technology software integrated with label management, we offer the potential for the end-user to create an infinite number of subsidiary labels, artists, and release an unlimited number of tracks to online shops like iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube Music, TikTok, Tidal, Alibaba, and many more, all without any upload or encoding fees for your singles or albums. In essence, we transform you into a digital distribution powerhouse.

We fervently encourage our clients to release as much quality content as they can, without any restrictions or limitations, provided they have the legal rights and necessary paperwork to back up their rights. With everything in place, it’s simply good business as usual. Have a massive content catalog? We’ve got you covered. Need help with YouTube UGC monetization? We can facilitate that in-house for you. This monetization method alone can lead to a seventy-five percent increase in video streaming income compared to the standard monetization methods that are more commonly available. If you’re a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry, we invite you to see if we can help you generate more revenue with your digital distribution and video monetization than you’re currently earning. We have the potential to elevate your digital distribution business. Why not seize the opportunity to potentially increase your royalty revenue for yourself, your artists, and your company?

What sets Rainysongs apart? We are a compact company with a professional team that pays meticulous attention to both large and small details. While there are many other companies out there that provide a similar service, some may consider spending too much time on a client, project, or label as a disadvantage to their bottom-line revenue. But at Rainysongs, our passion for our business and love for all genres and verticals of music mean that going the extra mile for you is a fundamental part of our business ethos!

At Rainysongs, we’re not in this for a quick buck. In fact, at times, it’s a challenging journey for us too! The business of music and entertainment isn’t designed for any of us to figure everything out on our own. We all need someone, sometime! Beneficial suggestions can come from a knowledgeable entertainment attorney, a seasoned entertainment consultant, an experienced industry professional, or even a colleague, friend, or family member who has the experience you need to grow. In this business of entertainment, ensure you have the right resources available, the right team in place, or on-call when you’re ready to enter the commercial marketplace. No matter who or where you decide to work with (us or any other reputable companies out there), we’d like to extend our best wishes to everyone on their road to success!