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We Make You The Digital Distribution Company!

Get empowered, take control! Unlimited labels, Unlimited Artist's on each label, Endless ability for each label to release product worldwide. R-Digital empowers music labels, artists and aggregators to enter and manage all their digital content. Create user accounts with variable roles that allow single users and multiple label accounts. The complete database allows branded / white label design for each user, label or aggregator. 


Distribution Engine

Distribution engine exports musical content to all key digital stores in the world including; iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and over one hundred more with exponential locations globally. The distribution engine is 100% automated, dynamic and customizable running in a distributed and cued architecture making it scalable and transparent. Bottom line, the distribution engine can process an unlimited number of releases to any shop in any required format.

Digital Royalty Manager

Digital royalty manager is a royalty accounting software that complements our existing systems allowing labels and aggregators to import sales statements and afterwards generate royalty reports for all of their individual clients.

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Independent & major record labels can now attain superior control of digital music distribution worldwide! R-Digital includes built in digital distribution tools that empower end users with features to sell & regulate music released online. R-Digital is available to all labels located in designated territories through Rainysongs Entertainment.

Elevate your digital music distribution to the next level with the R-Digital. This software technology empowers all music labels with total control of their digital music releases and branding of their record labels online globally. R-Digital and label management integration empowers the end user to create and monitor unlimited subsidiary labels and manage an unlimited number of artists and content on each label without limitations.

The R-Digital is combined with international digital distribution and provides its end user with the usual online shops and mobile carriers available in the United States but also includes international online shops and mobile carriers not available to the end users through regular digital distribution channels in North America.

R-Digital leasing is available directly through Rainysongs Entertainment LLC in the following territories; North America, South America, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. All labels and artists, independent and major, who are interested in taking control of their digital content worldwide, should contact us to discuss empowering them with control of their digital music distribution worldwide with superior content management.





1. You decide to allow streaming or not in online stores when you release digital content.

2. Create product compilations.

3. Add iTunes booklet

4. Your option to sell albums as bundles. 

5. Choose release date. 

6. Generate content delivery within the system. 

7. Add unlimited artists. 

8. Create unlimited record labels

9. Fast delivery to online shops! 

10. Release product globally or choose a single country!

11. Add lyrics to digital download, tied to respective ISRC Code.

12. Each R-Digital System includes the Rainysongs Digital Media Tool (batch uploader tool) that's a PC compatible software application to deliver multiple singles and albums. It interfaces directly to your specific label(s) retrieves, compiles all metadata input and automatically converts your wave files to flac files and automatically encodes your content. Once conversion and encoding are complete, delivery of digital content occurs at the press of a single button via ftp (file transfer protocol) to  cloud servers in the United Kingdom and Germany (separate cloud servers provide ultra-advanced security of your labels content delivery). Based on the release date you designated, delivery to all online shops you selected within R-Digital will commence automatically worldwide.

13. With R-Digital, all end users have control of choosing what territories (over 240 included in the system) around the world to release product to (including China *ask for details). Choosing which online stores your digital music is delivered to nationally and internationally is done with the click of the mouse by selecting from shops like iTunes, Beatport, AOL, Amazon, Medianet, and so many more all easily managed by you anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

14. Sales trend and stats reporting for every label.

15. R-Digital software leasing with digital distribution is available for all labels and artists directly from Rainysongs Entertainment, LLC.


Rainy Songs Entertainment, LLC

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© 2009 - 2021 / Rainysongs Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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