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Rainysongs has empowered hundreds of entertainment industry professionals with a Content Management System (CMS) that provides our clients with total user control of their digital music distribution to online shops worldwide. Empowerment possibilities with a cutting-edge technology software with label management integration that can enable the end-user to create unlimited subsidiary labels, an infinite number of artists, and release an unlimited number of tracks around the world to online shops like iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube Music, TikTok, Tidal, Alibaba, and so many more. All without any upload fees or encoding fees for your singles or albums. In short, we make you a digital distribution company.

More importantly, we encourage our clients to release as much quality content as they possibly can without restriction or limitation as long as they have the legal rights and paperwork to back up their rights. As long as that's in place it's just good business as usual. Massive content catalogs, we can handle that for you too. YouTube UGC monetization? We can help facilitate that in-house for you as well. This monetization method alone is up to a seventy-five percent increase in video streaming income as opposed to the standard monetization methods that seem to be more readily available. If you're a proven entertainment industry professional, allow us the opportunity to see if we can help you generate more money with your digital distribution and your video monetization than you're earning right now. We can potentially elevate your digital distribution business. Why not embrace an opportunity for yourself, your artists, and your company to potentially increase your royalty revenue?


What makes RS different? We are a smaller company with a professional team that pays attention to detail both large and small. There are many other companies out there that provide a similar service. In some cases, they pay attention to detail, time spent on each client individually but there may be others that exist who consider spending too much time on a client, project, or label as a disadvantage to their companies bottom line revenue. Because we have passion for our business and love what we are musically connected to in all genres and verticals, going that extra mile for you is a built-in business trait of ours!


We at RS are not in this to get rich overnight, as a matter of fact, at times it's a tough road to travel for us too! This business of music and entertainment is not designed for any of us to figure everything out on our own. We all need somebody, sometime! Beneficial suggestions can come from a good entertainment attorney, a good entertainment consultant, an entertainment industry professional (who's been there and done that), or even a colleague, friend, or family member that has earned the experience that you need to grow. In this business of entertainment, make sure you have the right resources available, the right team in place, or on-call when you're ready to enter the commercial marketplace. No matter who or where you decide to work with (us or any other good companies that are out there) we'd like to wish everyone our best on your road to success!


Every one of us around the world is still trying to do our best to endure a pandemic as best as we know how! So PLEASE remember to Stay Safe!

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