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Rainysongs Entertainment has been great partners when it comes to digitally distributing our music. The RDS system software gives my label Demolition Squad Entertainment the ability to release or take down any music from artists on my label. This is one of the most unique systems I have come across and have realized there is no other like it. The system gives you the ability to distribute on numerous digital media stores all over the world. The system is very easy to use and user friendly. If I ever came across a problem, I could just call customer service and support and have it fixed right away. Not only is the system user friendly, but the people behind the system are very knowledgeable and helpful as well. This tool has helped my independent label become more official and well known. I recommend all and new labels to look into the RDS system and Rainysongs Entertainment....
Date of Posting: 25 December 2011
Posted By: Jonathan Perrier
Music Label CEO, Florida
As the CEO of C&W Records Inc., I want share what it means to me to have digital distribution with Rainysongs Entertainment llc, My study show that if you plan on lasting in this ever changing music world you Must have digital distribution. RD System gives me the power to place my artist work in the fields with the majors. Just to have a digital distribution deal is nothing if you can't control what you do. Other digital distribution companies place your music where they want to and not where you need to be. To them you are just like every one else in their system a number. If you do not control what you do on the net why be on the net?...
Date of Posting: 25 December 2011
Posted By: Herman Williams
Music Label CEO, Memphis, Tennessee
When it was time to compliment my independent physical CD distribution and add the digital component, I selected Rainysongs Entertainment as our digital distribution label. After my adding digital distribution to our physical releases, some collective hard work in the trenches, we were able to hit #1 on the Billboard R&B / Hip - Hop Sales Charts. The technology expertise, commitment and professionalism I have received from this company since 2007 has always been consistent and ahead of the competition. Thanks to Rainysongs Entertainment, I was able to get my artist music heard and sold in places I've only dreamed of visiting. Those quarterly checks help too.. Thanks Pete, thanks Rainy, the service you guys provide turned my indie labor into a major label. I'm with you guys all the way!...
Date of Posting: 25 December 2011
Posted By: Marvin Walker
Elese CEO, Atlanta, Ga

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