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Specifically designed for serious content creators and catalog holders alike! This blueprint encapsulates the new business model called "Content-Driven Digital Distribution". It's designed for clients that onboard with us who have a consistent source of content or catalog that they are looking to deliver seamlessly to online shops worldwide. Simultaneously, remaining in control of their content with a plethora of backend management tools and features that include: *Unlimited Releases, *Unlimited Labels, *Seperate Royalty Statement Generation, *Analytics & Trend Reporting, *Direct Deals, *Individual Shop & Country Delivery, *Zero Upfront Fee, *Zero Monthly Fee, *Zero Annual Fee, *Zero Per-Release Fee, *Certified Video Monitization, *Human Support (not just email)....

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"Providing Solutions For Digital Delivery withIn The Online Universe"

One of the more critical challenges content creators and content managers face today is understanding what should be in place before releasing any product online commercially. The rights of intellectual property creators, managers, or license holders are entitled to, and the steps required to solidify those rights in the digital market. We can help solve those issues with our clients (when they ask) by providing the information based on our thirty years plus of hands-on, real-life entertainment industry participation and experience. This foundation can become part of the assets and accolades that can build successful careers in the business of music and entertainment.

Delivery is everything! It's the focal point that applies to the online global market. We not only offer a robust system with first-class customer service, but we also happen to use the same service that we offer publicly to our clients ourselves with our projects.

We've never had the need to advertise to obtain clients. Providing a solid digital distribution platform with good customer service has always been more important to us and our clients. Just some food for thought when making the final decision on your selection of a digital distribution service provider.

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In addition to our X-Stream Digital Distribution Portal, we include (for valid label clients) "VIP" perks that cover valuable industry topics. Register for your "FREE RS VIP ACCESS" today!

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RS Digital Distribution

Rainysongs has empowered hundreds of entertainment industry professionals with a Content Management System (CMS) that provides our clients with total admin control of their digital music distribution to online shops worldwide. We offer a robust cutting edge software technology with label management integration that empowers the end-user to create unlimited subsidiary labels, add an infinite number of artists, and release an infinite number of tracks around the world to online shops like iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube Music, TikTok, Tidal, Alibaba, Boomplay, and so many more. Our CMS also enables you to process separated royalty statements for all the subsidiary labels managed under your company. It's imperative to keep in mind that in today's online global market, three things play a significant role in your growth and success. They are Content, Content, Content! So Get Empowered Today!

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Music Is Your Artistic Creation

Music Is Your Artistic Creation

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Rainy Davis - Founder and president of Rainysongs Entertainment a full service digital distribution company. Back in 2005, when digital music distribution was relatively new to indie artists and labels, Rainy setup her online entertainment label with worldwide digital distribution and was part of initiating the foundation for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S.

Rainy's concept was to give the artist a bigger percentage split than the label and company that was releasing and distributing the product would take. Knowing she wasn't going to make much money doing business in that manner, her interest was not the cash, it was treating the artist right in their agreement. Since then Rainy’s company has evolved significantly and she maintains the same standards. 

In 2005, when digital music distribution was new to the majority of indie artists and label professionals Davis, founder and president of Rainysongs setup her online entertainment company with worldwide digital distribution. This was one of the first digital music distribution labels owned by an African American woman. Davis was also one of the pioneers to structure the foundation for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S.

In 2010 Davis and her company Rainysongs introduced a digital technology platform to North America that empowers independent music professionals to control their digital music content worldwide online.

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Our digital distribution services accommodate entertainment industry professionals with any size catalog. If you have HQ content, legal rights, and supporting documents, and take your distribution seriously by understanding there are rules and regulations put in place by the industry for all of us to correctly follow, then we are the right platform for you.

We do this for the love of the art, we don't do it for the money that's for sure! Our passion for digital distribution is unmatched. That's why you won't find anyone else who will provide you the level of 5 Star customer service that we do.

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