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Our strategy is meticulously crafted for devoted content creators and catalog holders. It heralds a fresh business paradigm, “Content-Driven-Distribution”, conceived for clients who collaborate with us and possess a regular stream of content or catalog that they plan to deliver to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) across the globe.

They preserve command over their content, supplemented by an array of backend management tools. In terms of the cost of entry, here’s the outline: Zero Upfront Fees, Zero Monthly Fees, Zero Annual Fees, and Zero Per-Release Fees! How do we make this possible? The solution is uncomplicated: Content-Driven-Distribution! Indeed, content is the endgame!

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"Providing Solutions For Digital Delivery withIn The Online Universe"

Navigating the complexities of intellectual property rights in the digital age is a significant challenge for content creators and managers.

Understanding the entitlements and necessary steps to secure these rights before any commercial online release is crucial. We, with our +four-decade-long hands-on experience in the entertainment industry, can guide our clients through these intricacies, thereby laying a solid foundation for successful careers in music and entertainment.

In the global online market, delivery is the linchpin. We pride ourselves on offering a robust system with unparalleled customer service, a system we ourselves use for our projects.

We’ve always prioritized providing a reliable digital distribution platform with exceptional customer service over acquiring clients through advertising. This ethos is worth considering when you’re on the brink of choosing a digital distribution service provider. Remember, the right choice can make all the difference!

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We Deliver, When Others Can't:

For years, our digital distribution service has been christened X-Stream Digital Distribution, not merely for its phonetic appeal, but due to our consistent delivery on its promise. In special circumstances, we’ve expedited content delivery to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) within mere hours, achieving same-day delivery! This is the epitome of X-Stream Digital Distribution. If you’re in need of the fastest digital distribution, we’re equipped to provide it, given that the business supporting your request is bona fide.

*Standard release schedules are 7-10 days in advance for Quality Control checks to ensure your product will not be rejected by the DSP's due to issues with metadata and/or artwork.

RS Digital Distribution

Rainysongs is a catalyst in the empowerment of numerous professionals within the entertainment sector. We offer an all-encompassing Content Management System (CMS) that bestows our clients with complete administrative authority over their digital music distribution to online outlets worldwide. Our state-of-the-art software technology, amalgamated with label management, permits the end-user to establish an unlimited array of subsidiary labels, incorporate an infinite roster of artists, and launch a countless number of tracks to online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube Music, TikTok, Tidal, Alibaba, Boomplay, and more. Our CMS also facilitates the generation of distinct royalty statements for all subsidiary labels under your company’s purview. In today’s global online marketplace, three elements are crucial to your growth and success: Content, Content, Content! Seize the opportunity to empower yourself today with Rainysongs!

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Music Is Your Artistic Creation

Music Is Your Artistic Creation

Protect the music, file Copyrights, join a PRO!

Rainy Davis, a luminary in the music industry, has been a driving force for substantial transformation. Her multifaceted roles encompass being a recording artist, a producer, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, and a recipient of numerous multi-platinum accolades, all of which are amplified by her entrepreneurial flair.

She pioneered a groundbreaking approach to redistribute power in favor of the artist, championing for a more substantial revenue portion than the label and company involved in product launch and distribution. This audacious strategy was not profit-centric. Rather, it was fueled by a dedication to ensuring artists receive equitable treatment in their contracts, a principle she staunchly upholds.

Rainy’s journey is a tribute to her steadfast commitment to artists’ rights and ethical business conduct. Her enterprise, Rainysongs Entertainment, has undergone significant evolution over time, yet her foundational principles have remained unshakeable. This gripping narrative encapsulates the odyssey of a visionary woman who has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Her story is a potent testament to foresight, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of equity and justice in the music industry. It’s a chronicle of a visionary who dared to effect change.

In 2005, at the advent of digital music distribution, a period when the terrain was largely uncharted by indie artists and label professionals, Davis, the founder and president of Rainysongs, surfaced as a beacon of innovation. She instituted her online entertainment company with a global digital distribution network, marking a significant milestone as one of the inaugural digital music distribution labels owned by an African American woman. But Davis’ contribution didn’t halt there. She played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S., advocating for equitable practices in a swiftly evolving digital realm. Her actions were not merely about blazing a new trail, but about ensuring fairness and justice in an industry on the cusp of transformation. Davis’ story is a tribute to the power of innovation, the significance of fairness, and the resilient spirit of a pioneer.

In the landmark year of 2010, Davis and her innovative company, Rainysongs, were handpicked by one of the most esteemed European distribution providers and software developers in this field to exclusively debut and launch a groundbreaking technology for digital music distribution across the Americas.

This platform was a game-changer for independent music professionals, granting them the capability to manage their digital music content on a worldwide scale online. This was not merely a step, but a colossal leap in the music industry throughout the Americas, altering the framework of how music professionals’ control and distribute their work globally. This was more than a victory; it was a significant milestone that heralded the commencement of a new epoch in the music world.

In the unceasing wave of technological advancement, our digital distribution platform has not just kept up, but has undergone significant evolution. The process of enhancements, feature additions, and updates is a never-ending journey for all participants in this tech sector, with no one being an exception. The task of adapting and improving is a shared duty we all shoulder in this domain. We will persist in moving forward, unwavering in our commitment to provide our clients with a reliable digital distribution platform they can trust and depend on.

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Digital Distribution Services

Our digital distribution services are designed to cater to entertainment industry professionals. If you possess high-quality content, have the legal rights and necessary documentation, and are serious about your distribution by adhering to the industry’s rules and regulations, then we are the ideal platform for you.

Our motivation is not monetary gain, but a deep-seated love for the art. Our passion for digital distribution is unparalleled, which is why our level of customer service stands unrivaled. If you’re an entertainment industry professional and you understand and respect the rules and regulations of the industry, then we are the right platform for you.

We do this out of love for the art, not for financial gain. Our passion for digital distribution is unparalleled, and that’s why you won’t find anyone else who can provide the level of 5-star customer service that we do. We are here to serve you, and we do it with passion and precision.

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