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Rainy Davis - President and Founder / Rainysongs

The Business:

Rainy Davis - Founder and president of Rainysongs Entertainment a full service digital distribution company. Back in 2005, when digital music distribution was relatively new to indie artists and labels, Rainy setup her online entertainment label with worldwide digital distribution and was part of initiating the foundation for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S.

Rainy's concept was to give the artist a bigger percentage split than the label and company that was releasing and distributing the product would take. Knowing she wasn't going to make much money doing business in that manner, her interest was not the cash, it was treating the artist right in their agreement. Since then Rainy’s company has evolved significantly and she maintains the same standards. 

In 2005, when digital music distribution was new to the majority of indie artists and label professionals Davis, founder and president of Rainysongs setup her online entertainment company with worldwide digital distribution. This was one of the first digital music distribution labels owned by an African American woman. Davis was also one of the pioneers to structure the foundation for fair digital recording agreements in the U.S.

In 2010 Davis and her company Rainysongs introduced a digital technology platform to North America that empowers independent music professionals to control their digital music content worldwide online.

The Music:

Rainy Davis remains a creative force in the entertainment industry and is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, accomplished music publisher, producer, and recording artist. Her publishing company Rainysongs, is a member of ASCAP and holds controlling interests in the Sweetheart copyrights. Collectively with various album releases by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri with the inclusion of Sweetheart, album sales exceed 22 million physical records worldwide. Rainy’s additional production and songwriting and releases include; The Cover Girls, “Spring Love“ from the “Show Me” album; Inner Life Jocelyn Brown featuring on “I Want Give You Me“ from the Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair), Apollo 440 “Sweetheart” sample from The Descending Dudes album; and Rainy Davis‘ “Sweetheart “ from the Sweetheart album and more 275 licenses issued by Harry Fox.

Who remembers Rainy Davis’ late 80’s hit "Sweetheart"? Well fortunately for Rainy, Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri did. Rainy’s song Sweetheart was the debut single for their duet on JDs’ Life In 1472 album in the summer of 1998. The album went on to earn Rainy a Grammy nomination as a song writer and appears on the 1999 Grammy Rap Nominees Album. Imagine superstars Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri choosing "Sweetheart".

“A few months later, Mariah Carey #1’s album is released and Sweetheart is the first single from the album. Sweetheart eventually winds up on Mariah Carey’s Greatest HitsThe Remixes, and the 2011 album release The Essential Mariah Carey. Since then, an additional 275 plus music licenses have been issued confirming that Sweetheart is 4-Ever and a dream come true for Rainy. Blessings go out to Mariah & Jd for Sweetheart!

In an interview with Vibe Magazine Mariah Carey said of the inspiration for recording Sweetheart, "I was thinking of the old songs I used to listen to when I was in school. It's a really cute record. Young girls’ like it the way I liked it when I was growing up.

Rainy wrote "Sweetheart" with producer Pete Warner and every time that song hits the airways, it's magic.

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